caLIBRAte conference: Advancing risk assessment for nanomaterials

NanoSafety Cluster Week

Building confidence in risk assessment and governance of nanomaterial innovation

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October 7-10, Copenhagen

Following the conference “New tools and approaches for nanomaterial safety assessment” in February 2017, The NanoSafety Cluster is pleased to announce 4 days dedicated to “Building confidence in risk assessment and governance of Nanomaterial Innovation” in Copenhagen, October 2019.

The 4-day event kicks off with the caLIBRAte final workshop focussed on current knowledge and future outlook on stakeholder risk perception and information needs and nanosafety data availability.  caLIBRAte also presents nano-specific human and environmental risk assessment and management tools tested in the project, plus the decision support tool developed, the NanoRisk Governance Portal.

A two-day Nanosafety Cluster Scientific Conference then follows, organised and sponsored by the projects NanoCommons, NanoSolveIT and NanoInformaTIX, focussed on the increasingly important roles of data accessibility and predictive modelling in nanomaterials governance and risk assessment.

Towards in silico nanosafety assessment – integrating experimental and computational approaches includes oral and poster presentations from Nanosafety Cluster projects to update the community on latest nanosafety research and set the direction for the next 4 years via the nanoinformatics and nanosafety governance projects. 

NanoSafety Cluster business closes the week, including an open NSC meeting to which all are welcome to contribute, Working Group meetings to progress key community-driven activities, and a Steering Group meeting.  In parallel, a training session on the caLIBRAte Nano Risk Governance Portal and underlying risk assessment, management and decision support tools will be offered.

NanoSafety Cluster Week

  • October 7: caLIBRAte final workshop on risk assessment and governance
  • October 8-9: NanoSafety Cluster conference Towards in silico nanosafety assessment – integrating experimental and computational approaches.  Abstract submission (oral and poster) deadline May 4.
  • October 10: NanoSafety Cluster Open meeting and caLIBRAte NanoRisk Governance Portal training

Who should attend?

The NanoSafety Cluster Week is open to all interested actors and is free of charge (excl. dinner).  Attendees will be able to register for any or all of the events taking place and full registration, including abstract submission will open shortly.

Get involved

Visit the NSC website for news on the launch of the NanoSafety Cluster Week in early April and we look forward to welcoming you in Copenhagen.

Further information on the individual projects is available here: