caLIBRAte Final Conference


Introduction to the caLIBRAte project

  • The caLIBRAte project and main objectives – coordinator Keld Alstrup Jensen, NRCWE, DK SLIDES

Understanding stakeholders nanotechnology knowledge, needs and concerns

  • Introduction – Andrea Porcari, AIRI, IT & Christina Benighaus, DIALOGIK, DE SLIDES
  • Multimethod stakeholder assessment of views and perspectives on nano-riskgovernance – Christina Benighaus, DIALOGIK, DE SLIDES
  • Views and needs for risk assessment and nano-risk governance in research and industry organizations – Pete Kines, NRCWE, DK  SLIDES

Identification of candidate tools that align with stakeholders’ needs and prospective methods

  • Selection of human risk assessment tool candidates aligned with stakeholder needs – Wouter Fransman, TNO, NL SLIDES
  • Prospective alternative methods to support HRA and decision support – Penny Nymark, KI, SV SLIDES
  • Selection of environmental risk assessment tool candidates aligned with stakeholder needs – Sara Nørgaard, DTU, DK SLIDES
  • Prospective alternative method candidates for ERA and decision support – Michael Burkard, EAWAG, CH SLIDES

Building the calibrate database for model development and tool testing

Part 1: Exposure and release data

  • Identification and evaluation of human exposure and environmental release measurement data fit for testing exposure assesment models – Socorro Vázquez Campos, LEITAT, ES SLIDES
  • New state-of-the-art value chain exposure and environmental release case studies – Ana Sofia Fonseca, NRCWE, DK SLIDES

Part 2: Physicochemical and toxicological data and their application

  • Identification and evaluation of physicochemical and toxicological data fit for testing hazard assesment models – Martine Bakker, RIVM, NL SLIDES
  • New hazard studies testing the effect of porosity and coating on nano material toxicity – Niels Hadrup, NRCWE, DK SLIDES
  • Developments towards use of omics and adverse outcome pathways – ready for risk assessment? – Dario Greco, UH, FI SLIDES
  • Developments towards high-throughput screening methods – ready for risk assessment? – Roland Grafström, KI/Misvik, SV SLIDES

Tool testing, refinement and performance testing

  • Testing and selection of human risk assessment models for the nano-riskgovernance framework – Miikka Dal Maso, TUT, FI SLIDES
  • Testing and selection of environmental risk assessment models for the nano-risk governance framework – Anders Baun, DTU, DK SLIDES

The caLIBRAte nano-risk governance framework, portal and future steps

  • Introduction – Aleksandar Jovanovic, R-Tech, DE & Keld Alstrup Jensen,NRCWE, DK SLIDES
  • The final Nano-Risk (Innovation) Governance Framework and Guidance – Keld Alstrup Jensen, NRCWE, DK SLIDES
  • Introduction to the caLIBRAte Nano-Risk Governance Portal 1.0beta– Somik Chakravarty, R-Tech, DE SLIDES
  • From caLIBRAte and onwards from the perspectives of H2020 research program – Project Officer Carlos-Eduardo Lima-Da-Cunha, European Commission SLIDES