DTU is the largest technical university of Scandinavia and currently has more than 1100 PhD students enrolled. DTU Environment is a member of NanoDTU which is the interdisciplinary network of about 220 nanoscientists at DTU. NanoDTU is one of the largest university groups in Europe specializing in environmental implications of nanotechnologies. The research team in NanoRisk at DTU Environment studies the ecotoxicity, environmental fate & behaviour and risk assessment procedures for engineered nanoparticles and has been involved in several research projects receiving both national and international funding, e.g. the EU FP7 projects NanoImpactNet, SUN (Sustainable Nanomaterials), MARINA (Managing Risks of Nanomaterials) and Engineered Nanoparticles - Review of Health and Environmental Safety (ENRHES).

In caLIBRAte, DTU will participate in WP 3 on environmental risk assessment tools, WP5 on Data collation for calibration and gap analysis and WP7 on Performance testing and calibration.