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We are an interdisciplinary group of researchers, risk assessors, test facilities, and industry developing tools that manufacturers, authorities and companies can use to manage workplace risks during innovation, production and use of manufactured nanomaterials. Together, we are the caLIBRAte project.




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Currently, none of the existing REACH compliance models are suited or validated for risk assessment of manufactured nanomaterials and many existing exposure limits are not suitable for nanomaterials. CaLIBRAte will change this by developing a “systems-of-systems” based on a suite of tested and calibrated nano-specific risk prioritization and control banding tools. Our work will leverage more than a decade of nanosafety research and resources to develop models for next generation nano-risk governance framework. 

The key objective of the caLIBRAte project is to funnel the state-of-the-art in nanosafety research and merge it with state-of-the-art risk governance and communication sciences to establish a versatile risk governance framework for assessment and management of human and environmental risks of MN and MN-enabled products. The ultimate goal is that the quality and trust in the nano-specific models in the caLIBRAte risk governance framework will exceed current level of most existing REACH tools.


5 October 2017: Download the October caLIBRAte newsletter

1 October 2017: Help test risk governance models

6 July 2017: caLIBRAte published in Nature Communications


24 October 2017: Safe by Design for nanomaterials online workshop

21 January 2018: caLIBRAte open webinar