Jan 2018: Learn about risk governance models and test them in your work practice

The caLIBRAte project has launched a calendar of activities to help researchers and companies test risk governance models within their own programmes.

Activities are a combination of webinars and workshops, delivered by expert partners and include risk governance models including:

  • Nanosafer CB and Control banding nanotool: Workshop in Denmark with online participation with date to be confirmed
  • Stoffenmanager nano and LICARA nanoscanWebinar with date to be confirmed
  • SimpleBox4Nano: Webinar March 22
  • Swiss Precautionary matrix: Webinar March 8
  • GUIDEnano: Webinar February 22
  • SUNDs: Workshop in Germany, March

Training webinars and workshops will enable people to apply risk governance models within their own practice and help the caLIBRAte project to develop optimum versions as part of the system of systems within the project.

Full details of the risk models and activities, plus registration are available on the caLIBRAte website HERE.