caLIBRAte will establish a versatile next-generation nano-risk governance framework for assessment and management of human and environmental risks of manufactured nanomaterials (MN) and MN-enabled products. The framework will be founded on thoroughly tested models and stakeholder needs. The goal is that the quality and trust in the caLIBRAte nano-risk governance framework models will exceed the current level of most existing  REACH  tools.
The caLIBRAte framework will link different nano-specific models and methods into a system-of-systems (SoS), which companies, developers and authorities can use for risk assessment, prioritisation and management of occupational, consumer and environmental risks associated with production and use of MN or products containing MNs. The framework models will be aligned to support decisions along the research and innovation value chain, from basic research to market launch.

Find out more about Risk Governance Models

Watch the webinars that were recorded for risk governance models within caLIBRAte.  Each webinar below introduces the risk governance tool, with a playlist of expert speakers on the relevance of the tool for users and how to make use of it within your organisation.

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